Davao Dencia's Restaurant used to be a small goto / lugaw house along Ilustre (I'm not sure if it is Ilustre.  But it is around that area.)  They have unconventional wooden tables that looks amazing.  My favorite is their lugaw partnered with tokwa't baboy.  Now, the restaurant is already a  two storey modern building but they still keep their distinctive tables.  They can already accommodate functions like wedding, birthday, christening, and many more.  Everytime I'm in Davao, I always try to order their lugaw and tokwa't baboy.  My new favorite is their fresh lumpia.  Yummy!
When you're in Davao, don't forget to try their famous lugaw.  They are part of Davao' s history.


merce said...

Hello!pareho diay ta ug order diha.after namo magsimba,diha mi mangaon.lugaw ug tokwat baboy.

Thanks for sharing!

abby said...

hi! thanks for blogging abt dencias! :)
anyway, dencias started in manila sometime in 1960 in Espana and just transfered to Davao.
Even before they accepted functions.
You should try their pancit, roaated chicken, lumpia shanghai, crispy pata, chopsuey :)

brocx said...

pwede ba mag padeliver ng lugaw ug tokwat baboy.. unsay contact number diha para padeliver?

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