It's been almost three months since I last posted in this blog.  I've been away from Davao from time to time so I do not have any idea with what is going on with the city.  But since I am back for good, I will definitely update this blog with my new discoveries about Davao City.  I am also considering of changing the look of this blog.  But it will take me some time since I am very busy with work right now.


Here are some photos of the products BUNKER HOBBY SHOP are offering. 



I would like to thank ARNIE for giving me this award and for patronizing my blog.  This is the very first award I receive since I started blogging.  Thank you very much.  It is nice to know that someone out there is reading my blog aside from my brothers and sisters.  :D


I was really surprised when I saw this building near SM Matina.  It must have been ages since I last visited Davao because I did not notice this structure before.  I think this is the first condo in the city (correct me if I'm wrong).  This is a big development and many are following it.  Davao is really moving forward.  But I just hope that Davao is not just about buildings, malls, and bars.  Let us protect and preserve our values and culture.  

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